About this site

This site is trying to be valid XHTML 1.1, because of good reasons. It makes heavy use of cascading style sheets, and thus looks better on some browers (i.e. Opera) and worse on others (IE).

It uses no frames but has a nice DHTML/JavaScript menu, which should work everywhere (you can use that tutorial easily to make such a menu too, click here to see how to extend that tutorial so the menu always highlights the current page).

Even Lynx or a WAP browser will display the menu, and browsers without JavaScript will show all pages, as well. It uses server-side includes, but apart from that consists of raw HTML pages edited manually.

I considered using OpenCMS for the menu, but at the time I started this site, they were in the Alpha releases for version 6, documentation was not yet up to date, and it all seemed a bit of an overkill anyway. Nice system though.

The blog is done using the very nice www.blogger.com service. It is very easily possible to change their HTML templates so that they fit in any existing web site seamlessly. Plus, they're free.

I sometimes use the W3C link validator to check the links on this site.

All parts of the site, including my old website (previously at http://www.camelot.de/~ekraemer) are "Copyright © 1995-2005 Ekkehard Krämer"; if you are unsure what that means, check this or this site on copyright protection. If you want to use something from the site, contact me and we can talk.

I am not responsible for any illegal activities on pages linked from some page on this site. Such disclaimers are widely considered useless though, see this german page for a discussion. If you see offending material on sites linked from here, please contact me.